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Always Friendly, Economical, Effective - Your Trusted Partner in Cargo Delivery

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    Your Swiftest Solution for Cargo Transport

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      Trusted Clients

      Speed, Flexibility, Consistency - Your Top Choice for Cargo Delivery

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          What We Do

          Logistics Services

          Maintenance Operations

          Maintenance Operations At Swiftair-HELLAS, our primary mission is to ensure…

          Cargo flights

          Air Freight Service Located at the heart of Athens International…

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          Join Swiftair Hellas ATO for Premier Pilot Training Swiftair Hellas…

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          Your Cargo, Our Commitment

          Delivering Excellence, Chartering Trust

          For swift and dependable freight transport, consider opting for our cargo charter services. They are perfectly suited for a range of shipping requirements, including oversized equipment, dangerous goods, high-value items, and critical humanitarian supplies. Our bespoke cargo charter solutions are designed to expedite and safeguard your cargo's journey.

          Who we are

          "Sky-High Standards in Air Freight Services"

          Swiftair-Hellas S.A., since its establishment as a cargo airline in 2002, has adopted the philosophy of a flat organizational structure, thereby achieving speed decisions, commercial flexibility and operational readiness while minimizing operational costs. Round the clock preventive maintenance of our aircraft delivers dispatch reliability which reaches the level of 99.80% year after year.

          Our Values

          Our values encompass on-time service with a remarkable +100% timeliness rate , over 22 years of expertise in aviation, unmatched flexibility to meet customer needs,

          Our Mission

          Top-tier security standards as a certified cargo agent, competitive pricing thanks to our global presence and fleet, and a reliable backup service with replacement aircraft readily available for uninterrupted operations.

          Air Cargo Solutions

          Extensive Range


          Searching for an affordable air cargo option that offers frequent flight departures? Our ECONOMY service provides the advantages of airfreight at highly competitive prices. Opt for our ECONOMY service to enjoy the full perks of airfreight without compromising on cost.

          • Affordability
          • Reliability
          • Accessibility
          • Regular Departures
          • Comprehensive Coverage



          Understanding that time equates to financial value, our PRIORITY options are meticulously crafted to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We select the most direct routes ensuring space prioritization and minimal transit durations.

          • Time Efficiency
          • Express Airline Utilization
          • Space Priority
          • Short Transit Times
          • Cost-Effectiveness


          In scenarios where time is of the essence, our dedicated team is available around the clock to develop adaptable solutions for your urgently needed transport. We ensure swift availability, expedited customs clearance, and prompt next-flight-out services.

          • Availability 24/7
          • Rapid Response
          • Customized Solutions
          • Streamlined
          • Next-Flight-Out Service
          HOW IT’S WORK

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Tailored Cargo Charter Services

          From outsized machinery and hazardous materials to valuable goods and urgent humanitarian aid

          Reliable & Trustworthy

          Every one of our charter specialists possess a comprehensive understanding of what is required to proficiently oversee a charter flight from its inception to conclusion.

          Certainly. Our charter services are well-equipped to transport live animals, including everything from individual pets on private jets to large groups of livestock on specialized cargo flights. For more detailed information, please refer to the following section.

          Certainly, it's important to note that you can provide one seat for a cargo attendant. This means that in addition to the cargo, you are reserving a seat on the charter flight specifically for the attendant who will be accompanying the shipment. This arrangement ensures that the cargo can be adequately monitored and managed during the flight. When discussing your charter flight plans with the airline or charter service provider, be sure to mention that you are reserving one seat for the attendant. This will help ensure a smooth and organized transportation process for your cargo. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.

          Yes, all our charter flights are trackable. We ensure you receive live updates during every stage of the flight. Our teams use various reliable sources to monitor aircraft movements in real-time, enabling us to give prompt and precise updates to our clients.

          With us you will enjoy the exclusive benefit of being the sole occupant of the airplane, with your cargo being the sole load on board. This arrangement offers a remarkable level of exclusivity, ensuring that the entire aircraft is dedicated solely to the transportation of your cargo. This exclusivity not only enhances cargo security but also provides an undivided focus on fulfilling your shipment's unique requirements. With no other cargo sharing the airplane, you gain unprecedented control over the loading, unloading, arrangement, and monitoring of your cargo. This distinctive setup significantly minimizes the possibility of interactions or interference with other shipments, offering a tailored, secure, and personalized solution to meet your precise cargo transportation needs. In our bespoke full charter services, the presence of other cargo is highly unlikely.
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          OUR WORKERS

          Our Delivery Teams

          We deliver solutions

          Reliable & Rapid Air Freight Services

          100 % Efficiency

          Every aspect of our service is optimized for speed and accuracy, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination swiftly and without delay.

          100 % Reliability

          Our unyielding commitment to dependability means your cargo is always in safe hands, backed by our track record of consistent, on-time deliveries.

          100 % Adaptability

          We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your unique requirements, demonstrating our flexibility in meeting diverse cargo needs.

          Client Feedback

          What Our Clients Say


          Should the need for such a service arise again, I will undoubtedly contact them. I have also recommended them to my colleagues for any assistance they might require in their projects. My sincere thanks for your outstanding service!

          Miah Robbani

          Working with them was an excellent experience. Their service is exemplary, starting from the initial agreement, through the meticulous setup, to the regular updates during transit, and culminating with the delivery of the load to our project site.

          Richard Griffin
          Founder & CEO
          Our Office