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Airplane Details
  • Type: Embraer 120F
  • Maximum Payload: 8,177 lbs (3,700 kg)

Swiftair-HELLAS - Embraer 120F

Key specifications and features:

  • Main Cabin Dimensions: The Embraer 120F features a spacious cabin with dimensions of 36.12 ft in length, 6.90 ft in width, and 5.77 ft in height. The total volume of the cabin is 989 cubic feet (28 cubic meters).

  • Door Sizes: The main cargo door measures 51 x 53 inches (1.30 x 1.36 meters), providing ample space for loading and unloading cargo.

  • Payload and Performance: The aircraft can carry a maximum payload of 8,177 lbs (3,700 kg). It boasts a maximum cruise speed of 265 knots (490 km/hr) and can reach a cruising altitude of 25,000 feet (7,600 meters).

  • Weight Limits: The maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is listed as 26,430 lbs (11,894 kg), and the maximum landing weight (MLDGW) is 25,794 lbs (11,607 kg).

  • Floor Rating: The floor rating varies from 275 kg/m2 to 450 kg/m2 depending on the specific station within the aircraft.

This aircraft is designed for efficiency and versatility in cargo transport, making it a valuable asset for Swiftair Hellas.

Key specifications and features:

  • Max Payload: 8,177 lbs (3,700 kg)
  • Cruise Speed: 265 knots (490 km/hr)
  • Cruising Altitude: 25,000 feet (7,600 meters)
  • Max Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 26,430 lbs (11,894 kg)
  • Max Landing Weight (MLDGW): 25,794 lbs (11,607 kg)
  • Cabin Dimensions: Length - 36.12 ft, Width - 6.90 ft, Height - 5.77 ft
  • Cabin Volume: 989 cubic feet (28 cubic meters)
  • Main Cargo Door Size: 51 x 53 inches (1.30 x 1.36 meters)
  • Floor Rating: Ranges from 275 kg/m² to 450 kg/m² depending on the station.

The Embraer 120F is designed with additional features to enhance its cargo handling capabilities:

The Embraer 120F stands out in our fleet for its exceptional cargo capabilities. This aircraft is designed to optimize space utilization, allowing for the transport of a wide range of cargo. Its main cargo door, measuring 51 x 53 inches, facilitates easy loading and unloading of large items. The robust floor, with varying ratings up to 450 kg/m², supports heavy cargo loads efficiently. Over the years, the Embraer 120F has played a crucial role in various operations, from transporting essential goods to remote areas to supporting time-sensitive deliveries, showcasing its adaptability and reliability in diverse scenarios.

  • It is equipped with a robust cargo handling system, facilitating easy loading and unloading.
  • The aircraft's design allows for efficient use of space, accommodating a variety of cargo configurations.
  • Its operational profile is optimized for short to medium-haul routes, making it ideal for regional cargo operations.
  • The Embraer 120F also adheres to strict safety and maintenance standards, ensuring reliable service.

The Embraer 120F is a key asset in our fleet, renowned for its reliability and efficiency in cargo transportation. This robust aircraft boasts a maximum payload of 8,177 lbs (3,700 kg) and a cruise speed of 265 knots (490 km/hr), making it ideal for regional cargo operations. With a spacious cabin of 989 cubic feet (28 cubic meters) and a main cargo door size of 51 x 53 inches (1.30 x 1.36 meters), it accommodates diverse cargo types with ease. Its operational versatility and adherence to strict safety standards make the Embraer 120F a dependable choice for efficient cargo delivery.

Embraer 120F