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About Swiftair-Hellas S.A.

A trusted partner with a proven record

Since its inception in 2000, Swiftair-Hellas S.A. prioritizes on swift decision-making, operational agility and meticulous attention to cost-efficiency. Based at Athens International Airport in Athens , Greece, Swiftair Hellas is strategically positioned to serve a vast network across Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Diverse Fleet: Optimized for Versatile Cargo Solutions

Our fleet of Fairchild METRO III and Embraer 120F dedicated freighters provide a comprehensive solution to a wide range of cargo needs.

Vision and Mission: Charting New Paths

Swiftair-Hellas is more than a cargo airline; we are a vital link in the global supply chain, delivering promises and connecting businesses across continents. Our mission is to expand our reach, continuously innovate our services, and maintain an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of air cargo transportation. We are dedicated to staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of the cargo airline industry.

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Maintenance Swiftair-HELLAS' fleet of aircraft is supported by our own…

Cargo flights

Air Freight Service Located at Athens International Airport – ‘’EL.Venizelos’’…

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Join Swiftair Hellas ATO for Pilot Training Swiftair Hellas ATO…

Who we are

"High Standards in Air Freight Services"

Swiftair Hellas was established in 2000 and is part of the Swiftair Group of companies which operate over 100 aircraft. Since its establishment as a cargo airline it has adopted the philosophy of a flat organizational structure, thereby achieving speed decisions, commercial flexibility and operational readiness while minimizing operating costs. Round the clock preventive maintenance of our aircraft delivers dispatch reliability which reaches the level of 99.80% year after year.

Our Values

Our values encompass on-time service with a remarkable +100% timeliness rate , over 22 years of expertise in aviation, unmatched flexibility to meet customer needs,

Our Mission

Top-tier security standards as a certified cargo agent, competitive pricing thanks to our global presence and fleet, and a reliable backup service with replacement aircraft readily available for uninterrupted operations.

Your Cargo, Our Commitment

Charter Services

For swift and dependable freight transport, consider opting for our cargo charter services. They are perfectly suited for a range of shipping requirements such as dangerous goods, high-value items, critical humanitarian supplies, etc.